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What makes me different?

Put people first

The work I do is and has always been people driven. For me, it's about building a strategies to bring brands directly to their tribe.

Pick a fight

Color outside the lines without fear of criticism. My opinions can be strong, but they are always guided by the idea of fairness.

Tear down walls

Every American can overcome barriers, but some barriers should not exist. Justice-driven design and democratizing systems is how we do it.


I've been a graphic designer and front-end developer for over 20 years. You get the perks of hiring an agency without unnecessary meetings and additional costs.

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Getting to know you makes it easier to build a working relationship. The images below are a bit about me, my life, my beliefs, and my work.

Headshot of Snapper Cridge
I'm excited to offer you a way to truly understand who your customers are and show you how to better communicate with them. And I look forward to showing you ways to stand out in the crowd, outclass your competition, and find creative ways to help your business grow — Snapper